Jay-z Hits Up Z100 With Rita Ora, Introduces New Song “Party And Bullsh-t”

Looks like there is a new Roc Nation princess on the rise….
Jay-z took a break from Daddy duty earlier today to promote his new artist Rita Ora who signed with Roc Nation a little over two years ago.  He arrived at Z100 radio station with Rita in tow to introduce her stateside debut, ‘Party and Bullsh-t’. On the new track, which has a ‘California Gurls’ vibe, the British songbird gets drunk off of love while waking up to a hangover with her boo by her side. It’ll take more than a little migraine and retina-burning sunlight to stop Rita’s party from rocking.
“I stumble up to the window
Open the curtains to blinding light
Make up all over the pillow
What went on? What went on?
What went on last night?
You look so sweet while you’re dreaming
Holding your bottle of Tanqueray
Can’t find your clothes from last evening
Baby, that’s how I know you’re the one for me”
All that was missing was a lil verse from Hov…
Take a listen below:



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