Usher Explains ‘Climax’: ‘It’s Not About Sex’

It’s odd that people view ‘Climax’ as a sexual song. It’s not. It’s not even about sex. It’s really about the ultimate experience or finale of an experience of love and life. When you’re in a relationship or what you figure to be a relationship and it’s kinda reached the climax of where it could go, you gotta let it go if you’re not gonna commit and that’s what the song’s about.
Of course, there’s sex in climax  [but] it’s not just about sex. The sexy tone of it and the falsetto will obviously make you think that but that is the double entendre of how the music works. It’s not about sex. It’s about an out-of-control experience, when a person has reached the peak of that experience.

via  Necole Bitchie.com 


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