Young Guru Speaks On Jay-Z’s Next Album And Jaz-O Being Offered A Record Deal In The Past

Young Guru: “There are maybe four songs so far and most of them are spill over. I don’t wanna say spill-over like they’re throw-aways from Watch The Throne. It’s an incredible beat coming on and Jay being like, ‘No that’s for my album. Hold that one, it’s for me.’ So the ones that were made so far, the beats were made during the Watch The Throne time.
“Now we’re adding on to it, but we haven’t gone back in. We had all this touring stuff. It was the end of the year and we were doing shows. Then the baby came. We literally went in to do the song for Blue Ivy and he hasn’t been back since. He’s definitely enjoying daddy mode right now.”

“Jay is like, ‘We offered you a deal, that’s how much we could afford to give you. $300,000 was a lot for you back then, you didn’t roll with it. You fucked up. It’s not my fault. What do you want me to do?’
“No matter what I do it’s not going to be enough. Jaz-O came to Jay and was like, ‘You have to be on my album.’ OK, he gives you a verse, that’s easy. But then you decide to shoot your video on this day and Jay already got something planned. Now Jaz-O is mad at Jay because he didn’t come to the video. And Jay is like, ‘I didn’t do anything to you, it’s what I’m not doing.’


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