New Music: Dau Jonez (@DauJonez)- Living Life Freestyle

At twenty one years of age, an inspired Dau Jonez would diversify his
hip hop roots and reluctantly pursue rapping. Already a well known
producer, Dau Jonez cleverly pursued rapping to market his beats.

"Growing up close to fellow Super producers ‘Major Music’ who produced
for artists like Mobb Deep and Lloyd Banks. 

"I had the chance to sit back and see the ups and downs of the production game from seeing what they went through. One minute people are calling you for your music and things are moving and then the next minute nobody is calling anymore. 
I saw what they went through at one point and I knew the way
the game was moving and I knew I wasn’t about to beg no artist to get
on my beats. I knew that the best thing to do would be to rap/sing on
my own beats and push myself as and artist in order to make people
listen to my production work and eventually take a liking to it, and
once I establish success as and artist people would be calling for
beats.” – Dau Jonez 

 Currently 26, Dau Jonez has since teamed up with long time childhood
friends and fellow producers Bakerboy and Major Music.

Dau Jonez is the face of Chicago based clothing line Spatterhouse,
created by his cousin Co-CEO Darryl Phillips.

Check out Dau Jonez freestyle and hit him up!


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