Jennifer Lopez In V Magazine

One of the worlds most beautiful people, Jennifer Lopez, will be gracing the spring/sports cover of "V" magazine. Decked out in boxer attire, Jennifer Lopez is going to be giving you complete sexiness as she tantalizes you with some boobage, crotch grabbing and fighter poses. 

Jennifer Lopez will also talk about being a mom, being separated from Marc Anthony and her new show titled "Q'Viva" in the new issue.

On being separated from Marc Anthony but still working together:
“I mean, we’re parents and friends first,” she says with a smidgen of exasperation. “That will be the thread that ties us together. I don’t know if people expect it to be negative just because the [intimate] relation- ship didn’t work out.” The professional relationship, however, is chugging lucratively along.

On Q’Viva, The Chosen (the television show she’s working on with Marc Anthony):
“There are so many differences in the Latin community. Someone from Mexico and someone from Puerto Rico have different foods, different traditions,” Lopez says. “There’s an education to be had. Even as I was going through the different countries, there were certain forms of music that I didn’t know about.”

To read more of Jennifer Lopez' interview with "V" magazine you can do so by clicking (here).


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