JustEnvee Interview: Reema Major by: Abeke Vee

September 26th Toronto was blessed with one of their own natives Miss. Reema Major. Reema hit the stage and as usual and graced all her fans with her lyrical magic. I got the chance to sit down with Reema to ask some questions about her life as a young teen in music.

Date: Monday September 26, 2011
Artist: Reema Major
Genre: Rap Artist
Age: 16
Venue: Sound Academy
Label: G7 /Universal
1.Where does your style come from, what inspires it?

My style comes many different inspirations. I really like that 'bum look' layered with boots, added pieces here and there, ripped. I really like to take what is looked at as nothing and turn it into something.

2.What songs pump’s you up right now?

I love music and different genres of music but Lauren Hill and Alicia Keys always get me hype.

3.Who are some of your musical inspirations?

Biggie is definitely of my biggest inspirations. Just his flow and lyrically he's one of the greats

4.What's one Key thing you never leave home without?

Shades always got to have a pair of shades!

5.Conceited Moment: What do you think people Envee you about?

Always staying on my grind and being focused, trying harder each and every day to perfect my craft.

6.What’s next for you?

In the studio currently working on the album for early or late year but in mean time another mix tape in on the way entitled IDGAF (I decided God Always First)

Reema Moment

When people here 'ghetto kids' they think ghetto, the hood, slums but for me it means a story creativity.

By: Abeke-Vee


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