Miguel: ‘Don’t Nobody Out There Step In My F-cking Lane’

I’m just gonna say, don’t nobody out there step into my f*cking lane. That’s all I’m going to say. Just stay in your lane. I’m a competitive person and the thing is I’m solidifying my lane and don’t f*cking come over here cause I will f*ck you up in that situation. But that’s how we’re supposed to be. I’ve been saying I appreciate so many different kinds of music and what I don’t appreciate is…I want everyone to express themselves in a unique way. I think I’m saying that in an aggressive way because that’s how I really feel, but what I mean by that is; find your own thing to do and create your own lane. It’s not the easy way, but it creates longevity for you and I think that’s what I’m trying to encourage.
Where I’m going, I’m really trying to take everybody with me, and I’m just saying, don’t come over here, I’ll f–k you up yo
Miguel also dished some tea on his upcoming album and what to expect as well as how he feels about people who have compared his musical style to Prince:
It’s definitely a progressive album. I would describe it as being progressive in the sense that I’m taking a lot of my more alternative influences and incorporating them. Adorn is a great Segue because its very soulful, in the way that I wrote it. In the way that I wrote it to be very simple and very to the point, but still have some alternative elements and I think that’s what makes it really cool. The people that love R&B music, there’s something relatable there, but then for the people who are a bit more progressive and have a bit more electronic ear and a taste for electronic music I think there’s some elements in there for them to enjoy too. It’s a very honest representation for where I’m at.  I think its just a Segue. As the singles progress, you’ll see we’re getting deeper into what the album is going to sound like.
On features
Well if you look at All I Want Is You, anyone that is familiar with the album knows I didn’t have any features. Well I had J. Cole, but we were both kind of emerging artists, and I did that album wise deliberately because I’m a man that wants to stand on his own two feet. I don’t need you to f*cking co-sign, I don’t need that sh*t. I appreciate other artist who are creative and like minded and who allow me to be apart of their creative process. What I’ll say is I can’t tell you who I may feature in this next album, but I can guarantee you it will be unexpected.
On comparisons to Prince:
I can’t even try and fill those shoes. I would never try. I’m very much inspired by Prince, so to remind people of things about him I think is really cool.
Watch the interview below:
In case you missed it; Miguel’s Adorn Video


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