Vivica A. Fox Gets FAB For DENIM Magazine's March 2012 Cover Spread, Gives Advices To Her 19-Year-Old Self

Vivica A. Fox covers the latest issue of "DENIM" Magazine where the gorgeous actress dishes on the industry and offers advice to a young 19-yr-old Vivica.  Get the deets inside....
Miss Vivica A. Fox hopped a flight to Mississippi to allow The Dream Team from DENIM to capture everyside of Vivica known and unknown!  She then dished advice to her "younger" self for her cover story:
DENIM: If you could back in time, what advice would you give to the 19 year old Vivica breaking into the business? 
VIVICA: Study your craft. If you want to be an actress-know that it is a craft and you have to know what you are doing. There's going to be a lot of rejection. You have to have a strong belief in yourself and become a triple threat. Learn to sing, dance, and act-you never know what roles will be required of you.
DENIM: What drives you as an actress and woman? 
VIVICA: Taking advantage of all the opportunities and blessings. I find that the key to longetivity is versatility - especially for my career. I have my own hair line, I produce film, television, and host events. I try to be versatile and do a lot of things; that way it keeps me busy.
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More pics from her spread:

Watch the behind the scenes footage below:


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