RIP Ryan Jones aka Funk

July 11th 2007 was the day I received the message from a random girl telling me I made her bestfriend blush after just waving to him. I was LOST and didn't understand WHY I was getting this message. She told me exactly "he's mixed.this bootleg kanye...blue polo..me and him were posted by the pilar....u waved and he waved back and he blushed "I was SO flattered. She said "it was when you were wining up your body...he barely took his eyes off you....ya hes crushin" lol personally i thought that was really cute.

Funk soon became my friend and was intrigued by the type of person he was. He was one of only people that believed in me. The person who would give me positive advice for my future. I moved and Funk showed me how much of a friend he really was by waiting for me for 3 hours just to bring my moving truck and him be the ONLY guy to bring up all my furniture and then travelled all the way back home at almost 2 am just to show me how much of a gentleman he was.

On Monday February 27th, 2012 my boy Funk left my life and i'm at a lost for words. I wont express why his life was taken and who took it on here but just know this was NOT HIM.  Along with i'm sure alot of people he knew, they did not get a chance to say goodbye to their son, brother, cousin, bestfriend, and yes their musical IDOL.

Funk was known for his music, art and alot more. He was a producer with a passion for music. Someone who would contact me at 4 am just for me to hear the new beat he made.

My Letter to Ryan:
Retro Party 2007
Dear Ryan, Mr.Funk, My friend, mi amigo, 
I wish i was beside you when this all happened, just so things would have been different. You spoke to me about any troubles you had, I never judged you only tried to help. You told me, you gotta go out there and fulfill your dreams because no one can but you. You told me nothings impossible. 
When I first heard I was so mad, I had questions like WHY? and FOR WHAT? and no one can give me that answer but you.
You were supposed to go away and come back! You were not supposed to be gone forever. But I cant stop God from doing his work I can only pray that takes care of you. We honestly miss you and if we didn't tell this enough we LOVE you too.

My angel Ryan, you will live in my heart forever. Please watch over me, please.Goodbye Ryan aka Chutney aka Wolfman aka Funk aka Fresh.... you had the most nicknameeesss
Love you broNana

Due to Ryan's untimely passing I am passing on a message from his family/friends:

On Monday I lost my dear friend Ryan Jones aka Fresh aka Funk. Due to his untimely passing we are putting together as much money as we can to ease the load for Ryans family. If you would like to donate or contribute anything towards the cause please do not hesitate to reach any of the following people 

Also if you'd like to make a transfer plz make an email transfer to andrefyffe@live.com or call myself (Andre) for other ways.All help at this time is very much appreciated. For the ones who knew him well or knew of him, knows he was a good guy. So let's come together and help out.

Much Love n Thank you again, 

-Andre .Donavin . Kamisha

Please help us bury our friend Ryan, anything will help

Thank You


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