MANTYHOSE? Pantyhose For Men??

In WTFNews I've discovered a new 'trend' in mens European Fashion. In the UK men are known to wear pantyhose because they enjoy it? According to E-mancipate.net pantyhose are not designed for JUST woman as opposed to a bra therefore pantyhose should be considered unisex.
Tyson Beckford made a yummy appearance on the red carpet at the launch party for Emilio Cavallini’s new product for men, the “Mantyhose” at Sketch in London recently.
e-MANcipate says: There are also health benefits:: "Men who wear pantyhose do it to improve athletic performance, energize and revitalize tired, aching leg muscles, and to stimulate circulation if they sit all day. In addition, compression can help reduce swelling and decrease the dangers of circulatory problems." (Citation from Wikipedia). There are many manufacturers who produce pantyhose exclusively for men, and there are some who produce unisex pantyhose ummmmm.... im not feeling these give us your thoughts!


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