Is There a New Kardashian Tell-All Book in the Works?

Are you having a hard time keeping up with the Kardashians? Well, besides a rumoured new four shows headed our way on the E! channel, it looks like fans are going to get a whole new look at the world's most loved/hated reality family.

According to TMZ, the Kardashians are about to take over the shelves at your local bookstore -- but don't expect this release to be accompanied by cameras and star-studded appearances. According to the website, the Kardashian-Jenner’s ex-nanny, cook and personal assistant is planning on kashing in on the famous family with a new tell-all book.

TMZ reports that the tell-all book includes details of her time with the Kardashian-Jenner clan before they were famous. Pam Behan, who worked for the family before their 2007 hit-reality show, clearly played favourites with the kids. Sources told the site that Behan couldn't stand the Jenner boys (Brody and Brandon) and called the two "extremely spoiled and disrespectful."

In fact, Behan allegedly almost lost her job after she slapped Brandon one day after he made "rude remarks", reports the New York Post's Page Six.

Reports say that the three most famous Kardashian sisters were actually quite fond of the nanny -- but still aren't getting off easily. Sources say that Behan knows "intimate details" about Kim, Kourtney and Khloe and will divulge some gossip-worthy details in the new book.

As for the Kardashian-Jenner parental units, well, it's just as one would assume; Page Six reports that Behan maintained a "love/hate" relationship with Kris Jenner and was always close with good 'ol Bruce. In fact, sources say that Bruce once helped the nanny when she was arrested for a DUI.

E! may be running Kardashian repeats, but it doesn't look like everyone is onboard the Kardashian money-train. Sources say that the book has been delivered to several agents but it's not known if anyone has picked up the pilot project.

In other Kardashian related news, Kris Humphries didn't only lose his marriage, but apparently has lost his touch on the basketball court, as well. Despite having superstar rapper, Jay-Z, cheer him on during his game on Tuesday, his team suffered a gigantic loss before he was spotted hanging out with his parents at Hoboken's Living Room bar.

Sources told Page Six that K. Hump and his rents stopped by for drinks where they “talked about family stuff and didn’t seem to mention Kim at all.” When fans approached, the source explained that K. Hump denied taking photos, telling them he “wanted to spend time with his family.”



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